VitoLax™ - A Natural Laxative Combating Constipation Issue!!

VitoLax™: Real Results without any Side-Effects:-

    • Stops constipation naturally
    • Improves digestive functions of the body
    • Regularizes bowel movements
    • Herbal formula with laxative properties
    • 100% safe and non-prescription supplement
    • Zero Side-effects

    Constipation: General Digestive Problem!!

    Constipation is a gastrointestinal disorder which occurs due to lesser intake of fiber and liquid in diet. Furthermore consumption of more of junk and processed food makes stool hard. As a result, person often feels difficulty in passing stool out and suffers from irregular bowel movement.

    A person experiencing constipation may have irregular and infrequent bowel movements. The most noticeable symptoms of constipation are abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, painful bowel movement, loss of appetite, etc. It affects children, adults and old people.

    VitoLax™: Digestive Health Formula to Get rid of Constipation Issue!!

    Today’s market is full of a wide range of constipation treatments i.e. bulk forming laxatives, stimulant laxatives and other laxatives causing certain side-effects like faintness, cramping, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea etc

    On the other hand, VitoLax™ does not cause any such side-effects and possess natural laxative properties. It helps an individual to get rid of chronic constipation as well. VitoLax™ strengthens digestive functions also.

    How VitoLax™ Works?

    VitoLax™ possesses natural laxative property which adds water and bulk to your stool. It consists of quality ingredients and triggers the bowel to contract to move the stool out. Furthermore VitoLax™ improves your overall digestive health and helps you to get rid of digestive infections



    1- 2 tsp at bedtime with lukewarm water

    Side Effects
    VitoLax™ is made of pure and natural herbs; it assures complete safety and is absolutely free of side effects.

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